Have you ever lost your SHVIGGER?

I just finished my first Practicum in 2024. I wrote and directed this short comedy and filmed it with Cinematography students at the New York Film Academy on glorious 35mm. Thanks for all the good work on this.

“It just seems like a normal day at the airport’s lost & found until a strange client comes in on the search for something very unusual.”


Hooray for Hollywood Comedy Short Film Festival

A FRIENDLY TURN is back in Hollywood. On May 4th at 2.30pm the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival screens our film in the very fitting ROM COM program.

Hollywood Comedy Shorts highlights short comedy, web series, TV episodic, Comedy Screenplays, and Dark Comedy shorts with the goal of screening the best comedic content from around the world for a Hollywood industry audience! The festival will take place at the LOOK Cinemas in Glendale and streaming on Bitpix for three days of screenings, filmmaker Q and A’s, panels, parties, and the awards party! Get your tickets on eventive.

Join us if you are in Los Angeles and May the 4th be with you!


Here comes the next film festival for A FRIENDLY TURN.  I am very excited to screen at the Aladerri International Film Festival in Chicago.

The short film will be screened in BLOCK#1 on Friday, September 22 at 4 pm at Facets Multi-Media, one of the leading national media arts organizations in the US. Join us if you are in the area.

Sometimes we need A STROKE OF GENIUS

Here comes the next practicum I had the pleasure of shooting with Cine students. Third time with amazing Ben Solenerger – check it out!

“Corey is unwinding at the nearby park when he suddenly collapses. Upon regaining consciousness, he encounters the enigmatic JC, engaging in a brief yet potentially life-altering conversation.”

Let’s make some NOISE

Here comes yet another Cine Practicum. I had the opportunity to write and direct this short film during the spring semester and filmed it with a group of skilled Cinematography students at Burbank Studios’ Stage 5.

While at home alone, Wendy engages in a phone conversation with her mother. Suddenly, unexplainable events begin to unfold within her apartment. The question lingers: Could there be another presence with her?

BUDDIES on Vimeo

Check out this scene I shot last semester with CINE students. This fun scene was based on “Dudes” by David Dalton & Chad Schnackel.
Luke wakes up his best friend, Alex, to help him figure out what happened the night before but first, he needs to convince him that it is truly him.


A FRIENDLY TURN opened at LA Shorts!

A FRIENDLY TURN had a full house with over 200 film fans at the Regal Theatre at LA Live. Our comedy was in the company of six great short films accompanied by a Q&A on stage. Big Thanks to LA Shorts International Film Festival for a great screening and more festivals to come!

FOLLOW-UP just uploaded

I am running a little behind fine-tuning the final cuts of last semester’s Cine Practicums and FOLLOW-UP is the first one I was able to finish. Great job to the cast and crew – I am very proud of this one!
It is not looking good for Corey during this routine visit to the doctor. This is going to be a hard hard pill to swallow.  🙂

Check out BLUNT! on Vimeo.

2020 was a hard year for all of us but we still managed to shoot a great practicum at Griffith Park. Check out BLUNT! – an example of how to date in a pandemic or – what is sub-text. 🙂 Enjoy!


I had a very busy winter semester and due to the current shelter-in-place order, some time to finish all the amazing scenes I shot with very talented cinematography students at the New York Film Academy. Please enjoy:







Enjoy! 🙂